Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I finished reading Night, by Elie Wiesel, and I am impressed, and disgusted at the same time. He's a survivor of the Jewish concentration camps during WWII, and this book is the story of his survival.

You hear and read about all that Nazi regime did and you see all these movies and documentaries, but every time it has the same effect, at least for me. How could they be so blind and inhumane? Just look at the picture below! Wiesel is the 7th person from the left, on the second row. Do these people really look like people to you? they're nothing but bone and skin, with probably no soul too. How can you survive such horrendous conditions and still have a soul?

It's not a very long story, so I suggest you take the time and read it. The story was written in Yiddish and the new edition has been translated to English by Wiesel's wife. I felt that the writing style was not particularly great, but maybe it was because of what was lost in translation.


PersianArchitect said...

dear Saba, you r right, every time I read or watch a film regarding the treatment of Jews during the 2nd world war I get the same feeling, but what is so sad in my opinion is the repeating of history. You can see people in the same conditions in Africa. Maybe they are not in labour camps, but as far as the conditions are concerned, they are the same.

Mehdi said...

Why don't you listen to what our president says about the holocaust being a myth!!! :D